Now EE-4G Offers Sim Only Plans less than £10 Monthly

Not happy with the services of your current network provider or finding a solution to continue with your same old handset with different network provider or want to keep a check on the money spent on your mobile phone bills? The reason could be any but the solution is only one i.e. “SIM Only Deals”.

Where the user already has a handset and buys only a SIM of any network provider of their choice. These deals are available with both the contract and payg. The user can decide as per the choice. Available with all the leading network providers of UK such as EE-4G, Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin and Three. These deals come for 30 days to 12 months of period. On being satisfied the user can continue with it or else can switch to some other provider.

Now EE offers 12 month contract sim only plan in 4G data tariff starting from £9.99 per month and with this plan you can get 500 minutes, 500 texts, 100MB of data. In other plan you can get 1000 minutes,  unlimited texts and 250MB data on the monthly charge of £11.99 only. If you are looking for big on data plan then go for plan £16.99 which includes 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB. You can compare a lot of EE-4G plans on our website also.

The SIM only contracts are more fruitful than the payg as the user has to pay very less for the minutes being talked and the text being sent because of the highlighting deal features wherein you get free minutes and free texts.

On our web portal,, you can find some amazing Sim only deals with leading network providers and so why should you wait here just click and browse and find the best one for yourself.